Leveraging #ICP technology, we're opening new paths for decentralized entrepreneurs and you’re invited to join us.

The Open Internet Summer is a collaborative hackathon focusing on developing synergies between projects through a bottom-up approach where participants define the agenda during the event.

Share your vision

Building in public provides you with direct feedback, helps grow your team and community, build trust, and accelerates your development by 10x

Activate synergies

Communities, ideas, and energies fuel each other. Develop synergies from day one with other projects, DAOs, and communities.

Learn from others

We've invited top #ICP projects and builders to help you excel in a new environment that demands the reinvention of technology, business models, and strategies

Join us through an onboarding process to align with our values. This summer, build, share, and collaborate using #ICP tech, online or locally, and be part of a trusted network.


Read the #OIS manifesto

Those are the rules.


Prove your commitment

We focus on trust, not big numbers.


Join the movement

After a few hours, you will receive your onboarding guide.


Rethink the

Hacker Hubs

In person events will change your life. Find a local hacker hub, meet other builders, and discover the #ICP community near you.


Learn from true OGs and builders from the ICP community.







Surf on the

Our Story

We wanted to build our DAO in public, so we're inviting you to this hackathon.

We aim to create a hub for entrepreneurs who share the same vision, technology, and values. Leveraging DAOs on the Internet Computer, we want to rebuild society’s foundation, nurture supportive community networks, and unlock groundbreaking innovation.


Motoko Bootcamp Army

Building on past successes, we want to scale our impact by involving the community in the creation, development, and execution of future events. Yes, it’s your time to step up, take the lead and spread the decentralized virus.

Teaching by example

Receive weekly updates on our plans, goals, and struggles, and learn from our open-source materials: courses, white-paper, roadmap, and code. Learn from us to accelerate your development.

Get involved

In the coming years, our DAO aims to introduce thousands of builders to the power of the Internet Computer, Motoko, and DAOs. We seek lasting synergies with projects that support our mission, complement our approach, and share our vision.

Get Involved !

Mentor, partner, or local voice - let's find out how you can grow the decentralized wave while growing your project

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Motoko Course

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